You can access the subscriptions screen from the product menu.  This screen shows your organization’s whole list of subscriptions, along with some details including account number, renewal date, owner, department (who owns/purchased the subscription), monthly budget spend and quarterly budget spend.  

There are a few ways you can modify the view of your subscriptions.

  • First, you can sort the subscriptions, owners, and departments alphabetically.
  • You can sort your 12 month, quarterly, or last month spend by the greatest or least amount
  • In addition, you can search for a particular subscription name using the search box under the “Name” column. 
  • Finally, by selecting the arrow to the left of the search box, you will be able to see those subscriptions with alerts.

In some cases you might want to contact the owner of a subscription, simply click on the owner name and Applogie will open an email to the owner’s address. By clicking on a subscription name, you will be taken to the subscription details screen.