When you first log into the product, you will come to the ‘Overview Screen.’  This screen provides you with a quick snapshot of new insights, in the form of alerts, a list of all of your cloud subscriptions, as well as a holistic view of your total vendor spend and your total vendor spend broken into application categories.


Alerts are one of the main ways we give you actionable insights into your subscriptions.  Consider alerts your Applogie to-do list.

  • The significance of each alert is color-coded.  Alerts that most urgently need to be resolved are in red, those that are serious are yellow, and those that aren't as significant are teal.  
  • By clicking on the alert, you can visit the details screen for that particular subscription.
  • You can reach alerts on any screen from the icon on the menu bar.

  • If an alert has been resolved, you have the option to hide it by clicking on the "x" in the upper right-hand corner.

Monthly Vendor Spend and License Renewal

The graph at the top-center of the screen is the Monthly Vendor Usage & Renewal Graph.

  • The dark portion of the area line graph displays the sum of your subscription costs for the year to date.  

  • The light green area shows the current Budget / Forecast amount that you projected.

  • You may zoom into a particular date by moving the scroll bars at the top of the graph. You may also zoom into a particular date range by click and dragging your cursor over the graph.
  • When scrolling over the months, you will see tags with the actual total spend and your budgeted spend in USD.

  • There are also dots that appear periodically on certain months.  These dots indicate subscription renewal dates.  This will give you a quick glance of upcoming renewals.  When you click on the renewal tag, Applogie will give you those subscription names.

  • In addition you have the option to download, annotate, or print this graph using the button at the top right-hand corner.

Vendor Spend by Department Graph

Below the Monthly Vendor Spend Graph, you can see the Vendor Spend by Department graph.  This graph was designed to give you a quick view of your technology spend by each department in your organization for the year to date. Using the Spend by Department Graph you can see how closely each department is following their projected spend in one view.  The darker columns show each department’s actual spend, while the lighter columns show your budgeted/forecasted spend.  

  • When moving your mouse over each department name, the tags for actual departmental spend and departmental spend forecast will appear. 
  • By clicking on the column associated with any particular department, a pop up window of a circle graph will appear.  This graph shows which software subscriptions are owned by each department, as well as the spend for each subscription.  

Vendor Spend by Category

At the very bottom of the overview screen, Applogie has separated your technology spend by application/subscription category.  This graph is designed to show you a higher-level view of the different areas you divide your technology spend.  In addition, it will allow you to see application overlaps.  For example, you may have two different collaboration tool subscriptions that have identical functionalities.  This will give you the ability to see the overlap and take appropriate action.

Subscription List

At the top of the subscriptions card, you’ll see a summary of your most recent subscription count, your annual spend summary and monthly average spend.  

  • You can sort the subscription name column to more easily access a particular vendor.
  • By clicking on the subscription name, you can visit the subscription details page.