In order to accurately track your SaaS subscription, it is important to edit the account details on the Subscription Details Screen.  You can get to any of your subscriptions either by clicking on the subscription name from subscription list on the overview page or by clicking on "Subscriptions" from the menu bar at the top of the screen.  

Once you reach the subscription details page, you can click on the edit icon to customize the details for your subscription.  You'll want to add the owner of the account (person who manages the account, or purchased the account), assign a department (how it is used internally), include your renewal date and specifics on the how you are licensed under your contract.  You will also want to give the subscription a description to explain how you are using the software internally.

If applicable, you will want to integrate your usage with your account.  When you go to edit the details screen, you will see an integration button at the bottom left of the pop-up window (if the integration is available).  By clicking on the integration button, you will be directed to give certain information about your account.  In this example for AWS, you need your AWS API key and Access key.  After entering that information, close the integration window and save the edit details window.